Recovery Credit System

What is the Golden-cheeked warbler Recovery Credit System?

The Golden-cheeked warbler Recovery Credit System was developed in late fall 2005 and early spring 2006 by a working group convened by the Texas Department of Agriculture in response to a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Biological Opinion, which recommended Fort Hood’s participation in an off-site conservation program.

The primary objective of the Golden-cheeked warbler Recovery Credit System is to contribute to the U.S. Army Fort Hood environmental management and conservation objectives by providing support for off-site conservation efforts for endangered species, specifically Golden-cheeked warbler.

Fort Hood has the largest known population of Golden-cheeked warblers (Dendroica chrysoparia), and maintains biological programs to protect their habitat on site. However, the potential for habitat loss is a constant possibility and, at times, limits on site training at Fort Hood. Therefore, to offset possible habitat losses from live fire training activities, a recovery credit system for the Golden-cheeked warbler was developed.

By participating in the Golden-cheeked warbler Recovery Credit System with private landowners in counties surrounding the installation, Fort Hood strives to support the management and maintenance of suitable off-site habitat.

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